West Shore Eye Care

Location: Ludington, Michigan
Website: http://www.westshoreeyecare.com/
Established: 1991
Number of Doctors: 2

What makes West Shore Eye Care a Best Practice.

West Shore Eye Care has become a leading provider of comprehensive, personalized medical eye care for all lifestyles. Over the years, Dr. Branning and her team have stressed the importance of customer service, treating everyone who walks through the door as if they were guests in their homes.

As such, patients enjoy every convenience: the option to borrow potential frames to take home for input from their families; trials of daily disposable contact lenses for those who have never tried them; reduced paperwork; refreshments—the list goes on and on. As the only dry eye center in a 140-mile radius, West Shore Eye Care is early to adopt the latest dry eye treatments and tools, including amniotic membranes, True Tear, InflammaDry, Tear Lab, and serum tears. The practice has even partnered with a surgeon in Traverse City, Mich., to make amniografts for conjunctival chalasis available to its patients.

The practice’s commitment to its community extends beyond eye care; each year, West Shore Eye Care sponsors an eye exhibit at the local children’s museum and gives donations to the local arts center, Rotary, and various youth sports teams.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.