Vision Source of Farr West

Location: Farr West, Utah
Website: https://visionsourceoffarrwest.com/
Established: 2004
Number of Doctors: 2

What makes Vision Source of Farr West a Best Practice.

Vision Source of Farr West has made a point of refining its processes to accommodate the evolving needs of patients. The Utah-based practice delivers an exceptional patient experience by following the “golden rule”—treating everyone the way they wish to be treated in return.

In addition to their personal approach, Ian Whipple, OD—who purchased the practice in 2013—regularly meets with industry leaders and representatives to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advancements for the benefit of his patients. By embracing technology such as the Optomap wide-field imaging system, the staff has been able to detect diabetes, macular degeneration, brain tumors, retinal detachments, and in one life-saving case, a stroke that was occurring right in the office.

While the lessons learned through experience are invaluable for the staff, education is not limited to the office; the team at Vision Source of Farr West is encouraged and enabled to participate in substantial professional development, and both doctors complete three times the required amount of continuing education credits each year. The entire staff attends the annual Utah Optometric Association meeting, and they share ideas and success stories with other practices whenever possible. Dr. Whipple has also made a point of connecting the practice to the community, including providing free eye examinations to low-income students in downtown Ogden.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.