Vision Professionals

Location: Columbus, OH
Website: https://www.visionprofessionals.net
Established: 1974
Number of Doctors: 4

What makes Vision Professionals a Best Practice.

Vision Professionals was established in 1974, but it wasn’t until 2001 that it was put on a path to becoming a referral center for specialty contact lenses in the Columbus area. Christopher Smiley, OD, purchased the two-location practice that year–the same year he graduated from The Ohio State University College of Optometry. In the years since, Dr. Smiley and his colleagues have grown the practice to the point where they now see four to five irregular cornea fits per day. In fact, it is not uncommon for patients who haven’t been successful elsewhere to drive two or more hours to be seen at Vision Professionals.

It all comes down to the forward-thinking approach Dr. Smiley and his practice partners take with every contact lens patient they see. He truly believes that there is always room for improvement in the contact lens wearing experience for his patients––and he’s determined to give them the best.

"We don’t tolerate the patient being in the same lens year over year. We’re going to recommend the patient upgrades to something newer and prove why that technology is better for them. We’re going to take the patients that are “fine” and make them better than fine."
Christopher Smiley, OD

To offer patients the best, you need to make sure your staff is trained to deliver the best. To ensure his practice is run as efficiently and effectively as possible, Dr. Smiley utilizes tracking and analysis of key performance indicators. Vision Professionals has a mantra: “There are no amateurs here!” The team believes in excellence from the moment a patient first walks in the front door. “I really think that if the staff understands our mission and what we’re trying to accomplish with the patient experience, it’s not hard to have top performing staff,” says Smiley.

Helping the staff deliver the best patient experience requires an additional investment in the latest technology. “We try to make equipment purchases every year based on practice priorities. In the realm of tech changes, we may shift technology that allows us to expand our scope,” he says.  He also notes that embracing technology outside of just new exam equipment has been a major key to Vision Professionals’ continued success. They’ve recently added real-time online scheduling, allowing for the appointment scheduling process to be open 24/7, and allowing more appointment slots to be filled at the last minute.

For Vision Professionals, this commitment to excellence is all a part of their routine. It’s the practice’s dedication to excellence in specialty care and its forward-thinking approach to technology that contributes to it being recognized as a 2018 Best Practices honoree.

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