Vancouver Vision Clinic

Location: Vancouver, Washington
Website: https://www.vancouvervision.com/
Number of Doctors: 6

What makes Vancouver Vision Clinic a Best Practice.

Raj Patel, OD, and Derek McTyier, OD, believe a positive attitude can brighten up someone’s day. And at Vancouver Vision Clinic, they are determined to be the best part of their patients’ day by providing an uplifting atmosphere and building genuine relationships with them.

It may sound simple, but it has worked for the practice since 1952. Currently, Vancouver Vision Clinic has six doctors on board, one of whom specializes in scleral lenses and another who holds both Doctor of Optometry and Master of Education degrees, giving her a unique background to provide pediatric care and vision therapy. But what makes the practice truly special is the team and its longevity. While many aspects of the practice have certainly evolved over the past 60 years, several staff members have been part of the team for nearly two decades.

This is all testament to its patient-oriented, community-building culture. When not providing patients with the best quality eye care, the team stays engaged in state associations and legislative efforts on a grassroots level, gives and attends optometry lectures, and fosters charitable partnerships, most notably with the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.