Shoreline Optometry

Location: Mountain View, California
Website: https://www.shorelineoptometry.com/
Established: 1989
Number of Doctors: 3

What makes Shoreline Optometry a Best Practice.

Dr. Seger’s father, Charles Seger, OD, always said “Take care of the patients, and the patients will take care of you”—an adage that Dr. Seger and Dr. Webb keep in their hearts and minds as they run their practice.

For the owners of Shoreline Optometry, it’s more than an eye care practice—it’s literally a family. Ron Seger, OD, FAAO, and his daughter, Jenifer Webb, OD, have been partners in practice since 2008. The family ties go back even further; after graduating from optometry school in 1974, Dr. Seger was in practice with his father and brother in San Luis Obispo. Then, after working in contact lens design, contact lens solution, and ophthalmic solution research and development for 13 years, he established Shoreline Optometry in 1989.

The “family” feeling extends to patients, too; the doctors and staff at Shoreline Optometry strive to make every one of them feel like they are the most important patient in the office. They take the time to learn patients’ individual eye care concerns and needs, then tailor treatment plans to address them. The doctors routinely evaluate new technology and products introduced to the marketplace to determine the potential benefits to their patients and practice. The practice was early to adopt daily disposable contact lenses and continues to recommend this modality to the majority of their patients today

Dr. Seger is the current President of the California Optometric Association, in which Dr. Webb is also active. In addition, the doctors are involved in local and national optometric organizations and are dedicated to the advancement of the profession. After all, optometry is in their blood. Charles Seger’s passion for eye care lives on not only in Dr. Seger and Dr. Webb, but in another son, another granddaughter, and a great-nephew—all of whom have also chosen to practice optometry.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.