Personal Eyecare

What makes Personal Eyecare a Best Practice.

What makes Personal Eyecare a Best Practice? Numerous factors play toward the answer, but if you ask Roxanna Potter, OD, she’ll tell you that it’s because of the practice’s ability to excel at innovation and enhance the patient experience—two core pillars of the Best Practices program.

Each and every day, Dr. Potter puts a heavy focus on these core principles. She and her team want the community to know that they truly care about their vision needs and eye health of patients over one’s lifetime. For that reason, the Personal Eyecare team strives to provide superior primary care to patients of all ages, while staying up to date on the latest industry innovations. This mission of innovation is what led the practice to expand on several of its patient specialties, develop standalone programs like dry eye clinics and myopia control, and invest in the latest technology.

"I have to lead by example, and in order to do that, I have to stay motivated and engaged. If I’m excited, my staff will take note and follow suit. One of the things I do to keep my staff engaged is educate them on the importance of our service offerings. It helps them understand why we are doing things the way we are."
Roxanna Potter, OD

Dr. Potter feels being in the field of optometry is an ongoing learning experience. She relies on her staff to collaborate with her and continue to grow and evolve the practice. Investing in people is her number one priority, and she believes the most valuable thing she can give her patients is her time, listening to their concerns and addressing them accordingly. While having the latest technology and continually innovating the patient experience to provide a more accessible and convenient path to eye care is critical, she firmly believes that listening and providing each patient with an individualized experience is what sets her practice apart.

Dr. Potter’s team looks up to her—and given her extensive resume, it’s no wonder as to why. She is an involved member of the optometry field, including memberships in the American Optometric Association, Ohio Optometric Association and the Toledo Area Optometric Society. She’s also a fellow in the American Academy of Optometry and a Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry. Beyond that, she enjoys lecturing and writing articles on eye care, having been published in both the U.S. and internationally to share her insights and help grow the industry as a whole. She is also on the advisory board of the Gas Permeable Lens Institute and the editorial board of the Indian journal, Optometry Today.

Dr. Potter is particularly interested in the areas of specialty contact lenses, glaucoma, dry eye and myopia control. She is a leader and dedicated to helping fellow practices learn and grow as she does, contributing valuable observations to encourage her colleagues to continually improve. It’s that never-ending journey to improve that helps make Personal Eyecare a 2018 Best Practice.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.