Drs. Quinn, Foster & Associates

Location: Athens, Ohio
Website: https://visionsource-athenseyecare.com/
Established: 1983
Number of Doctors: 4

What makes Drs. Quinn, Foster & Associates a Best Practice.

According to Drs. Quinn, Foster & Associates, there are several factors to creating an exceptional patient experience—and it starts with its staff. The practice has focused on building a collaborative atmosphere by including the full staff on all practice-related decisions.

This approach has proven to be a motivational tool that benefits the doctors and patients alike. Another piece is education. By incentivizing its staff to further their education—through courses and conferences, among other opportunities—the team is positioned to hone their craft and become experts in the field. From there, the practice turns its attention to technology. The doctors embrace the latest contact lens designs, and discuss the benefits of daily disposable contact lenses with their patients, resulting in nearly 70 percent of their contact lens patients wearing daily disposables.

Through this unique combination of motivated staff, ongoing education, and advanced technology, the practice is able to deliver a superior level of care, treating each patient as if they were a friendly neighbor—which they are, given the small-town vibe of Athens, Ohio. The neighborly relationship it has built within the community extends beyond patient care, as the staff volunteers within local schools, for civic organizations, and on non-profit boards.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.