Castle Pines Eye Care

Location: Castle Pines, CO
Website: http://www.cpeyecare.com
Established: 2002
Number of Doctors: 4

What makes Castle Pines Eye Care a Best Practice.

At Castle Pines Eye Care in Castle Pines, Colorado, Dr. Jason Ortman and team strive to ensure a personalized and streamlined patient experience from check-in to check-out. They understand that patients appreciate a non-invasive, anxiety-free exam experience, and they are committed to delivering one every time.

The technology the practice employs, coupled with a commitment to quality service and care, has helped Castle Pines Eye Care grow and, ultimately, advance the optometric profession on local, state and national levels.

For the past 10 years, Dr. Ortman's staff has been using EMR/HER for all patient charts and accounts, streamlining office functions while providing a superior patient experience. The practice also chose to automate several processes, including a patient recall system, reminders via text and email, satisfaction surveys, and patient review functions, and most recently added live patient scheduling to their website. This technology-driven, innovative approach has allowed for greater patient engagement, easier retention, better marketing, and a reduction in appointment no-show rates.

In the pre-testing and exam rooms, Castle Pines uses automated phoropters, I-Care tonometry, digital wide-field imaging, OCT, pachymetry, visual fields, and topography. The equipment is networked together for a seamless hand-off of information, making the entire process of an exam fast, easy and reliable for both the office and patient.

Outside the office, Dr. Ortman serves on the Board of the Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce, is involved with the Colorado Optometric Association (COA) as a board member, legislative captain, and as the chair of the Third Party Committee, and has been asked to serve on the American Optometric Association’s Third Party Executive Committee, advocating for the profession on a national level since 2012.

Internationally, Dr. Ortman has participated in five missions with VOSH and the Gift of Sight Foundation throughout Central America, South America, and China. These missions have provided optometric care to those in need and have resulted in the office proudly supporting Optometry Giving Sight annually for the past seven years.

Thanks to their commitment to the profession, their efforts to elevate the patient experience, and the high level of service they deliver both locally and abroad, Castle Pines Eye Care is a 2017 Best Practice.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.