Briggs Vision Group

Location: Dunwoody, Georgia
Website: https://www.briggsvisiongroup.com/
Established: 1984
Number of Doctors: 6

What makes Briggs Vision Group a Best Practice.

The team at Briggs Vision Group takes the patient experience seriously, knowing a great interaction begins as soon as someone walks through the door. From there, the practice delivers a warm and comforting atmosphere: fresh flowers and snacks in the waiting room, weekly deliveries of the latest newspapers and magazines, and most importantly, doctors who provide comprehensive examinations without rush or interruption. In the event of unexpected rain showers, the team at Briggs Vision Group is even known to walk patients out to their cars with oversized umbrellas in tow.

Practice owners J. Judson Briggs, OD, and Erick H. Smith, OD, firmly believe that vision is one of the most precious gifts bestowed upon humanity. That’s why, in 1984, they opened Briggs Vision Group with the mission of providing superior eye care through innovative technology, a passion for excellence, and unmatched quality and service. Since then, the practice has grown to include six doctors at two locations—the main office having recently undergone an expansion to 5,000 square feet—all while staying true to its original mission.

But what this practice offers extends well beyond kind gestures. Clinically, it provides complete eye care, including therapeutic diagnosis and management of glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, ocular infections, inflammatory eye disease, dry eyes, and cataracts, among many other conditions. Briggs Vision Group has even formed a reputation as the go-to practice for specialty contact lenses, and offers the most technologically advanced lenses. With an in-house optical laboratory, the practice is able to provide patients with the best quality, value, and satisfaction.

Between providing superior eye care and outstanding customer service, the staff still finds time to stay involved with various professional groups and organizations to ensure continued success for optometry as a whole while sharing insights with the industry’s future leaders.

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.