Every EYEdea improves our industry

The eye care industry is changing at an unprecedented pace, and we know that it takes a lot of hustle and hard work to stay up-to-date. So we put our best minds to work for you.

The first ever EYEdea Lab's innovative think tank took place at Optometry's Meeting® in June of 2018. 

To help your practice thrive in today’s marketplace, CooperVision’s Best Practices created the EYEdea Lab. At Optometry’s Meeting®, the EYEdea Lab gathered 2018 Best Practices honorees alongside alumni to put thought leadership behind some of our industry’s toughest challenges when it comes staying competitive amidst disruptive consumer healthcare purchasing trends. 

The results were unveiled at the 2018 Global Contact Lens Forum at Vision Expo West and highlighted the need for nuanced in-practice technology adoption and emphasis on professional services.  At the special live event, optometrists learned firsthand about not only the solutions that emerged from this first-of-its kind think tank, but also qualitative research on the floor of Optometry’s Meeting in June with follow-on quantitative consumer and ECP research that at times validated, but also challenged what our honorees had found. The thought-provoking results from the EYEdea Lab generated innovative ideas for optometrists to apply in their own practices to help them stay ahead of tomorrow’s challenges, today. Learn more here.

"It brings a whole new outlook to how we're going to perform our patient experience. As well as what we're going to do to mitigate the challenges that the changing healthcare world is offering for us today."
- Carrie Alfieri, OD

Cultivating Innovation and Leadership in the Eye Care Industry.